TriMedia IPCam - Help with assembler

Hi All!,

sorry if this is not the right place to ask but I was looking for information and ended up here.

The story is simple, I have a Dlink IP camera based on a Trimedia CPU (PNX1300). I'm trying to understand the assembly used by this architecture and found the TM32 disassembler written by asbokid (was/is a member of this forum).

When analyzing how the disassembly part works, I think I found a bug in the disassembler but I need someone to clear some doubts. Is anyone willing to help me?. @asbokid, are you still in this forum?.


  • That account seems invalid
  • Is this OpenWrt related?

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Hi!, as I put in my original post, I was looking for information about Trimedia and the Internet brought me here. It seems that asbokid was a member of the forum some years ago but it not ,probably, anymore, I don't know.

Sorry if my message is not strictly OpenWRT related, I didn't want to bother anyone, I was looking for some information.