Trendnet TEW-810DR build using D-Link DIR-810L as template

The Trendnet TEW-810DR is being closed out at a good price ~ $25USD in original shrink wrap on Ebay. There was a previous build based on the D-Link DIR 810L

There is inconsistent information on the Flash Memory. The OpenWRT entry shows 8MiB:

The wikidevi archive states 16MiB:
The bootlog from shows

find flash: MX25L6405D

Which the datasheet shows 16MiB

| --- | --- |
|Description|16m-bit [x 1 / x 2] CMOS Serial Flash|
|Company|Macronix America, Inc.|
|Datasheet|Download MX25L6405D datasheet|

A side note: The OpenWRT device page for D-Link DIR-810L has the same flash chip but states 8MiB.

5G has since been implemented in the D-Link.

Could someone recommend which build path to take: ImageBuilder vs Build Image?
Edit: To correct the MAC, Flash -> 16MiB and add 5G, I think the best path is to Build Image from source. This also would affect the currently provided D-Link Build which I'll start a new thread for.

I think I found out why all the Flash is not used:

Root cause: Dual-boot / Dual-partition / Dual-image / Dual-firmware device, i.e. you have 2x 8MB for two separate firmwares, one of which is used for when you can not boot the other.

For my own use Luci and bandwidth monitoring is all that I need - Creating a TEW profile in ImageBuilder seems the easiest path particularly if the developers are too busy to feedback back on adding the device to the build system.