Trendnet TEW-691GR "disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs"


I set up LEDE 17.01.4 on my router Trendnet TEW-691GR one week ago. After some time router starts to disconnect wifi clients with system log entry "IEEE 802.11: disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs". Even after a full reinstall of firmware problem still remains. I noticed that disconnect happens when wifi clients trying to download or upload massive files, or starts check (fails on uploading stage), but not every time. Please, help with this problem :confused:

Could you try the 18.06 RC1?

Do back up your settings first please and then use sysupgrade without keeping settings.

Hello again,

I tried both rc1 and now release 18.06 for over mouth. Now the problem changed. Sometimes randomly, sometimes when trying to download huge files (16gb, drops after 500-700mb, but not every time), wifi connections starts to work incorrectly. Internet over wifi doesn't work, ping to router timeout or host is down, but over lan everything ok. Can I fix it somehow? I'll be glad to any help.