Transparent routing configuration

I work for a company where all of the workstation machines have Windows 10 Enterprise installed and the internal network is on the IP range. My goal is to run OpenWrt in a Hyper-V virtual machine on my PC with the following criteria:

  • Router impersonates the PC on the WAN interface
  • Router sends all incoming traffic to the PC
  • PC is isolated to the LAN interface
  • PC can be found on the company network by host name
  • PC can find any other machine on the company network by host name

This is what I've been able to do successfully so far:

  • Create an OpenWrt VM (version 21.02.2 x86_64 generic ext4 combined image)
  • Isolate the PC to the LAN interface with Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manager
  • Configure the WAN interface (with LuCI) to use the PC host name / MAC address

With the above setup, I can access the company network by IP address and have full internet access. However, my remote desktop connections now throw an error saying the host could not be found. I need the router to be completely transparent where my PC is concerned and would greatly appreciate any help in getting it set up that way.