Transmit Power for home

Is it a good idea to set some value in Network->Wireless->Device Configuration->Transmit Power than auto?
I live in 30 square. m. flat
If so what is the best value?

I would suggest 20 dBm on the 2,4 Ghz and 14 dBm on the 5 Ghz.

Just see for a couple of days how that goes, you can play a little bit with the transmit power and always put it lower, higher i wouldn't suggest.

My best value available is 18 dBm (63mW)

the best value is the lowest setting that will work for the area you need to
cover :slight_smile:

any higher than that, you will cause more interference with other people in the

how high this needs to be is going to vary depending on too many things to
calculate. turn it down low, see if it covers your area, if so, try turning it
down lower, if not turn it up.

personally, I wouldn't trust auto, because the AP has no way of knowing how
strong the signal is at the far end. all it can do is guess based on how much it
is retransmitting, and that can be caused by interference where no amount of
power will help.

David Lang