Transmit Power Confusion (R6700v2)

Hello People! I am somewhat new to OpenWRT and I have some questions regarding maximum transmit power in general. So I bought this router, the Netgear r6700v2, and immediately got it on OpenWRT because I hate stock Netgear firmware. I really find lucy nice and pain-free so I simply use it for my configuration.

The problem is that I only get super weak wifi to transmit power options in the Luci GUI when configuring my wifi. I don't know why but I can only select from 1 dBm to 6 dBm (1mW to 3 mW) and that is very strange. I would think that the hardware is much more capable because when using 5GHZ with that low wattage I can very very poor wifi signal across my home. Is there any way to fix this? What is the problem? Is there any problem at all or is it just a bad router? I'd think that it would do like 100mW or something like that, but for me it seems that 1mw is way too weak?

Any suggestions on how to improve the transmit power? I tried the latest snapshot and rc2.