Transmission-web interface and mobile browser

this is my first post here, so forgive me if I'm not including all necessary information. Here is my problem:

When I am using firefox or chrome on my android devices, they won't give me any running torrents, unless I request the desktop site. I also cannot add new torrents. Of course, everything works as should be on Chrome or Firefox on Windows from my PC, or as said when I request the desktop site on the mobile devices. Anybody has a clue? It used to work in the past...

LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.336.23170-d2dc32a)
running on: TP-Link TL-WDR4900 v1

luci-app-transmission git-17.336.23170-d2dc32a-1
transmission-cli-openssl 2.92+git-4
transmission-daemon-openssl 2.92+git-4
transmission-remote-openssl 2.92+git-4
transmission-web 2.92+git-4

Public or private tracker?

I think the problem is deeper: the interface appears to be frozen, I don't get the popup to enter a URL or upload a torrent file. and the list is always empty, although a torrent is running. unless I switch to the desktop site... or use an app like transmission-remote. transmission itself seems to be running fine.

a newer version of transmission is available on trunk. no idea if it will help.

Oh, sorry, I completely misunderstood your problem until now that I have re-read it. Disregard. :wink: