Transmission using up all memory (Linksys WRT1900ACS)

I am using a LinksysWRT 1900ACS shelby (Lede leviathan IV SNAPSHOT r3293 (davidc502)) and have have transmission installed. As soon as I add a torrent and it is downloading the available memory (RAM) goes down from 85% to 5%. This stays even if the torrent is done or transmission is disabled, I have to reboot the router the free up the memory again. The SWAP from the external HD is not used.
Does anybody else have this issue?


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If it really used memory or just free RAM used for IO buffering? What is reported by free? There used to be a similar bug report recently about pppd leaking memory which turned out to be just buffer memory in the end.

The memory is all cached, I attached a screenshot "free" before and after starting a torrent dl. Is that a problem/issue? The free memory goes down within 1min of starting a torrent download.

Cached ram usage is fine. The ram used for IO caching is immediately freed once applications request more memory.

Note that the -/+ buffers/cache values barely change. You should refer to the values in this row if you want to know about the application usable memory.

Transmission hogs RAM. Better keep that in mind.

thank you jow for the explanation. So since the used up memory is all cached, it should be no issue

Hi Borromini, is there a better alternative?

Well I use rtorrent myself, but that doesn't have a GUI by default (nor do I run it on my router, but it needs less RAM). rtorrent has a few 3rd party web interfaces (which rely on PHP), and your router won't like that either...

As long as your router doesn't become unresponsive, I'd say stick with Transmission. Sorry, didn't mean to sound unhelpful...

does transmission really require more resources? Last I checked, it used about the same.