Transmission Startup and Torrent Resume

On reboot the default transmission-daemon does not automatically resume torrents. They start as "paused" or "finished" or sometimes they even start re-downloading again (weird bug that I haven't troubleshooted yet).

The fix for this is to change the start priority in /etc/init.d/transmission to 98 instead of 99. Then the torrents resume their previous state successfully.

Is this a bug with OpenWrt or Transmission? Is there any problem with setting 98?

The reason for this is probably the following lines I found in its desktop file /usr/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop


[Desktop Action Pause]
Name=Start Transmission with All Torrents Paused
Exec=transmission-gtk --paused

[Desktop Action Minimize]
Name=Start Transmission Minimized
Exec=transmission-gtk --minimized

Removing these lines does the trick.