Transmission multiple downloads folders

Openwrt 22.03.3. Linksys wrt1200ac

I have two mounted disks, /mnt/sda1 and /mnt/sdb1. In my transmission settings, the download path is set to /mnt/sda1/download, and when I download a torrent, it downloads and saves the files to this location. However, when I try to choose a different path (/mnt/sdb1/download) for a new torrent, it gives me an error saying that the path doesn't exist. If I change the download path in the settings to /mnt/sdb1/download, the new torrent downloads and saves to the second disk, but the first disk (/mnt/sda1/download) stops working. How can I download torrents to different folders without changing the transmission settings?

it's not an openwrt question, but one for transmission ...


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are the permission the same for both download directories? Not using Transmission myself on OpenWrt, does it run as a specific user? But in general it should be possible to choose a download folder when adding a torrent.

"Transmission can be launched by both the root user and group, but it did not help. When adding a new torrent, it can only be saved to the folder specified in the transmission settings."

Ok, I'll try to check it on my router.

What client are you using to add a torrent? transmission-cli, a remote transmission client or the web interface?

Addition: In a x86-64 VM with two RAID disk I gave transmission a go.
default: /mnt/md0/transmission/done
2nd folder I tried: /mnt/md1/transmission/done

Summary: Transmission does run in ujail and adding a torrent with a path different to the one in /etc/config/transmission will be blocked (by ujail I assume). Of course the 2nd folder is not in the list of allowed directories of ujail.

Is that the same for you, does it run in ujail too?