Transmission-daemon-openssl still requires libmbedtls?


Built into transmission-daemon-openssl is the curl dependency, which has an mbedtls dependency. I think that defeats the whole point of having openssl to begin with. I don't get any of the space savings and I need to have a whole separate library for mbedtls. Is there any plan to build transmission without curl or at least with a wget-openssl dependency to remove this inefficiency?

Good that there is CONFIG_LIBCURL_OPENSSL.

Sorry, what does that mean?

That you can compile a package with libcurl depending on openssl, all variants aren't built.

Can't we add it to the builds that get built from openwrt automatically so everyone who uses transmission-daemon-openssl doesn't need to do that?

It seems like there is a bug currently with building transmission with libcurl mbedtls:

How do I get in touch with the package maintainer to update this for OpenWrt?

Why...what's the purpose?

Transmission is not included in OpenWrt default.

I surmise that the upstream link you provided is who you need to contact about it.

Thanks for the response.
The purpose is to build transmission wholly and completely compiled with openssl so that whenever someone who uses openwrt downloads transmission-daemon-openssl they get the openssl package and don't need to download the mbedtls package and this saves space which is the whole purpose of openwrt even though transmission is not included by default, doesn't that make sense to help the end user? what am i missing here?

OK, then you just need to request that the proper dependencies be configured for the package...but by your wording...It seems as if you're implying that you're compiling an image yourself.

That means you need to do it. Simple.

I'm still confused as to why you want a package installed by default for a package not included by default, unless you're compiling your own firmware, then you would need to do it.

  • Are you having an issue compiling something into your self-made image? ...because that's not quite clear in your posts.

To be do understand that you can compile CURL to use OPENSSL?

(BTW, CURL is a dependency of many packages, and mbedtls is much smaller in most cases when secure connections would be needed.)

IMHO that you might just as well use transmission-daemon-mbedtls and use mbedtls everywhere instead of (painstakingly) switching everything else over to openssl.

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Sorry, let me be more clear here. I am. a dumbass user very little linux experience.

  1. I went to download transmission-daemon-openssl from the software page in LuCI
  2. I notice when I downloaded transmission-daemon-openssl it also downloaded libcurl which downloaded libmbedtls (in additional to downloading libopenssl & necessary dependencies)
  3. I thought "wow, gee, that's inefficient, it does not make sense to have libcurl depend on libmbedtls when it could depend on libopenssl" (I need openssl for other packages)
  4. I came here and posted about this inefficiency and asked why libcurl isn't built with a dependency for openssl
  5. it was suggested I build it myself since not all possible package builds are built
  6. I asked why libcurl-openssl can't just be built alongside libcurl-mbedtls like many other packages because I am a dumbass. user with little linux experience and I'm trying to make the openwrt experience more appealing to users like myself

I can think of several reasons, a very superficial one would be to avoid confusion with the very common packages. People wouldn't be able to install "curl" anymore since it would now be "curl-mbedtls" or "curl-openssl". Keep in mind that mbedtls is the default TLS library. In that sense, the packages that require openssl are the outliers.

Not at all. Your question is perfectly valid.


I don't understand why this is a big deal. I feel like if the person is smart enough to install custom firmware on their router they are smart enough to understand they should choose mbedtls or openssl and stick with it across packages.

Not at all. Your question is perfectly valid.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm just trying to make openwrt better hope u understand

Quite a number of packages depends on (lib)curl. If you split curl into two variants you'd have create two variants for all of those packages as well, just for the variant of curl they depend on.

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Does anyone know why the latest transmission 2.94 isn't in 18.06.2? 2.94 was committed many months ago but I don't see it in 18.06.2 :frowning:

transmission has been updated in the master branch (and therefore will be at >=2.94 in the next major release, e.g. 19.02.x), but not the openwrt-18.06 branch of the packages feed (which is supposed to be mostly important bugfixes only).

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oh, but 2.94 fixes a memory problem bug I am dealing with so I figured transmission would also be updated, I tried adding the master packages feed and downloaded transmission 2.94 but it was missing dependencies

You can't use the master branch for releases, you need to compile everything by yourself or use snapshots which are a moving target so you need to install everything you need immediately.

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