Transmission breaks when OpenVPN is running

Hi Folks

I consider myself to newbie OpenWrt.
I can't get Transmission running on my router as soon as I put my VPN running. Once I stop OpenVPN then transmission is happily running then my IP is exposed.
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

Any chance your VPN provider is blocking P2P file sharing traffic? I know some of them do (or, have particular servers designated for P2P traffic).

When you're connected to the VPN, can you browse the internet normally?

My ISP is not blocking any P2P traffic.
With VPN off I can torrent with no issues.

your ISP is not blocking P2P traffic, but the VPN provider may be. For example, if you look down the list of ProtonVPN servers not all of them allow P2P traffic (their servers in Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland do allow P2P traffic; the others do not).


You're right @tectonic, my VPN server was blocking and I had to switch to a different location and the issue is sorted out.
Thank you for the heads-up.

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