Transmission and TP-Link TL-WR1043ND


I would like to make the switch from OpenWrt to LEDE, but there does not seem to be Transmission package for 1043ND.
Why is Transmission not available for some routers? Will this change it the future?


I don't have a 1043nd, but the package architecture seems to be mips_24kc and transmission is listed there -

Maybe try opkg update again? Other than that i'm not sure why it wouldn't be available.

Which hardware version of WR1043ND do you have?

I have v2 version. I did not install LEDE yet.
I just checked the list of packages here:

I did not find transmission there, so I assumed it's not in the packages.

Those are the platform-specific packages. The packages that get shared architecture-wide are in the path you were linked to.

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Now it's clear. Thanks.