Translation support for openwrt project (both firmware & wiki pages)

Hi everyone,

I am truly involved in the OpenWRT project and I like to give my support by translating some useful documents into Italian (before) and Spanish (after) ...

Looking back in the forum on this topic, these are my beliefs:

  • Forum is a moving target, with highly quickly changes, so it's impossible to keep translation up to date (maybe can be useful to transform some forum thread into a howto page or something similar)
  • One exception can be the greetings bot but may be confusing newer user giving them the idea they can write new posts in their native language
  • Wiki can be the most useful place ... There's already some support in DokuWiki, so can we start a try? (maybe initially a closed test...)
  • Luci Web UI can be also a very good target... Something seems already done, how can I contribute there?

It's very difficult to rely on the localized OpenWrt wiki pages as many of them are horribly outdated and incomplete, so using Google Translate in place might be the best option.

Based on the current state of the wiki, I'm afraid the community doesn't have enough human resources to properly maintain localized documentation, and this is unlikely to change in the near or distant future.

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See Help translating OpenWrts web interface

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