Transfer big files to USB Drive / How?

Hi i am new and i use openwrt / luci.

My question in short.

I want to send big mkv files from my phone to the plugged usb drive.

I am connected to LAN and 5ghz.

With which app can i do this? Fast as possible!
I need the full read/write rights.

Maybe someone give me some advice.

Thanks in Advance

First you need to mount the USB on the Openwrt.
Skip the Samba instructions and instead use an SCP client on the phone to connect to the router and transfer the file.

Which Plugin do i need to install in Luci webinterface?

They are all mentioned under Install dependencies paragraph of the link I shared.

Okey i will give a try . Do i have some changes with putty? I never tried it. Webinterface is better for me.

It seems that you can do everything in the Webif.

And tell me one more thing. How and which app i need in my phone for the file transfer?

AndFTP has option for SCP among others.

i am now in network shares. i got a webif in luci . It loaded my usb drives .

How to set now my smarthone to point that usb drives?

can you give me an example?

Thanks for answering me fast.

hostname ?
Port ?
username ?

use the IP of the router, e.g
port 22
the password of root

with scp i got 0,5mbit upload speed! it works but very slow . Any other advise?

i want to use my whole wifi speed to transfer the files. Any other ideas? Why i am limitated to my speed ? i use LAN and 5GHZ

Most likely you are limited by your USB stick writing speed.
I believe that your problem is solved, so you can mark the topic as Solved.

is there no other way to transfer my files? 0,5mbit is poor! i bought a fast usb !

Sure is!

its plugged in - i thought ftp is fast. seems not. Any other idea?

FTP is fast. You are connecting with SCP, which consumes more cpu cycles due to encryption.
Moreover we don't have any information about the router or the usb stick.

Get a pc, a router isn't made for fast file transfers via usb.

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How can i do that? I have 3 mini pc . Any ideas?

Connect the phone via usb cable to the pc and copy the files to the usb drive.