Traffic stats by device?

@reckless: My parents’ brand new Vizio P-Series TV (which is not set up to stream anything, they have an Apple TV) pings a server 10x more than any other device they own

While reading the above tweet, I was wondering is there any UI on OpenWrt (or command) which can break down which devices are talking to the cloud the most?

iptraf-ng can be used from console.
First option is IP traffic monitor, select the wan interface and sort by byte or packet count.

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luci-app-nlbwmon - I can recommend

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Both options really good thank you both!

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Some feedback after some usage.

I found that nlbwmon acually was maxing out my cpu at 100% after a couple of days of usage, so I think it might be safer to be using iptraf-ng.

Strange, I don't see such issue "maxing out my CPU at 100% after a couple of days of usage"

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