Traffic shapping in openwrt

I have 100 Mbit/s connection for a month other times i have 60-62 Mbit/s.
I have many clients.
I want to do next:
absolute priority to my TV and PC (TV needs at least 25 Mbit/s) PC unlimited.
I want to limit the other PC to not consume more then 10 Mbit/s
Is there any way to do this? Efficiently to not loose 25-30 Mbit/s of my overall bandwith?

I used sqm to limit PC 10 Mbit/s but i could not give priority to my TV to get at least 25 Mbit/s and when someone is downloading anything TV is buffering a lot so it's not possible to watch anything.
I can't limit every device in my network.

Question: have yuo tried the configuration described in the last section of already? If no, please try as this might already help, if yes, could you describe the issues you had with that solution?

And to answer your question, no it is going to be very hard to configure something according to your wishes, mainly because ingress shaping is only approximate, and things like windows10 updates do not play nicely with others... Other than that it should be possible to configure something like you describe, only sqm-scripts will not supply much out of the box to accomplish this...

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