Traffic shaping with openwrt 18.06

I'm configuring a new openwrt router for my home edge. I am concerned with using gaming, netflix and video calls. I have a fibre internet connection 50MB download and 20MB upload. My current set up uses a Cisco router and I have traffic shaped in both directions (upload and download). In addition, I have excluded the gaming system from the traffic shaper so that it gets wire rate. Nothing special for netflix - it just works, same for video calls (no config) which use HTTPS (tunnelled over https).

On openwrt, I have installed the SQM and configured it similarly to the Cisco router I mentioned, which is installing SQM and configuring the shaping bandwidths. Aside from that I've not done any extra config.

I am reading the docs and it says "use the default - cake" for the queuing discipline. But in my set up, the default discipline is fq_codel

So my questions are; should I stick to the default fq_codel or should I be using cake?
With regards to classification, is this configurable anywhere in LUCI?

One task which I would like to achieve, is to classify torrent download/upload and 1) give very low bandwidth for the torrent upload and 2) classify everything else above torrent, especially for the download.

Any advice/pointers welcome. Because I am new .


Use cake. It is basically fq_codel 2.0;

Unless the torrent is on the same machine as the other streams there is nothing to do.


cheers. I will give it a go :+1:

I tried cake but it is broken / not working. My expectation is that the upload data would be shaped around the rate set in the Upload speed egress kbit/s but what I actually see is line rate on the upload.

Can anyone confirm on this?

So to explain further:
When using the fq_codel I set 48000 download and 18000 upload. Speedtest is giving about 47mb download and about 17mb upload.
Changed to cake and rebooted. Then speedtest is giving about 47mb download and 93mb upload.

Line rate is 100mb/100mb.

It appears cake is broken.

I couldnt get the upload speed to be shaped, even going back to fq_codel. So I done a factory reset and now it's working again with the default fq_codel. I'll try some cake again, but not today

Have a look at especially the "sing and dance" section before the FAQ, also you might want to try the the current sqm-scripts master version (see for instructions how to manually install that version).

Turns out the version in openwrt/packages is already the most recent one... (for a few weeks)

I note that typically configuring cake for internal-IP-fairness is required to reliably get the above to be true :wink:

How about trying the new 19.07 release candidate? I see it has numerous cake updates in it.

why not limit at 90/90 then?

looks like the initialisation of the egress instance is bonked somehow.
would be helpful if you'd enable logging/verbosity and post the relevant log-lines.

sry if this is too much for a newbro, disregard if the situation with fq_codel is to your satisfaction :slight_smile: