Traffic Rule - Daylight Savings Mystery

Running v19.07.6 on a Linksys 1900ACSv2 and have an issue with time restrictions. I previously setup parental restrictions for my son's xbox. No issues and all was working fine...up until daylight savings this month. After DLS, the time restriction was off by an hour (ie, xbox set to turn off at 10:30pm, but turned off at 9:30pm instead). The router date and time was correct. Not sure what happened, but I simply adjusted the time in the traffic rules for the lost hour and all was good.

Tonight I hear the blood curdling scream from his room when the xbox shutoff mid-game. It was 8:30pm. I didn't make any changes to the parental settings since the DLS fiasco and nothing wrong with the router date/time.

Any ideas? I can just delete and re-establish the traffic rule, but curious what's causing the DLS time gremlins.

Sounds like kernel time not synced with userspace time.

Running date -k probably would have fixed it, or restarting the system service.