Traffic not being accounted in the Interface


I just set up a Mikrotik device with OpenWRT and it is working flawlessly!
But I noticed something I can't make sense of...
I have connected to this port a DVR, that takes video com surveillance cameras. So far so good. But it seems the traffic going off that port is not being registered at all.

The way I understand this, we would see not only TCP/IP traffic, or any specific protocol, but all traffic going trough the interface, right?

I'm sure the traffic is not being accounted because, I just monitored the interface and while the monitor counted like 10Mbit, the interface didn't moved a Kbit!

If you enabled software- or hardware flow-offloading, the kernel won't see large parts of the traffic anymore and can't account for it, it's completely bypassing its control. In those cases you need to choose, performance or correct accounting - respectively select hardware that can provide the required performance without offloading being necessary.


Ohh I see... Maybe it is enabled by default? But if I understand this, if I disabled that I may loose performance?

In addition to what @slh said, any traffic that is forwarded between LAN ports by the switch is also not included. If the cameras and the DVR are both in the local network, that is probably the reason in your case. It is possible to get the real data using ethtool.

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flow-offloading is not enabled by default.