Traccar linux client on openwrt

can't find any other easy solution
maybe it helps somebody some day

You will need

opkg update && opkg install gpsd gpsd-clients jq 
  • USB GPS with working drivers
traccar= **Your traccar Server adress**

gpspipe=$( gpspipe -w |grep -m 1 TPV )
time=$( echo "$gpspipe" | jq -r '"\(.time)"')           # date/time in UTC
lat=$( echo "$gpspipe" | jq -r '"\(.lat)"')             # latitude
lon=$( echo "$gpspipe" | jq -r '"\(.lon)"')             # longitude
alt=$( echo "$gpspipe" | jq -r '"\(.alt)"')             # altitude (metres)
speed=$( echo "$gpspipe" | jq -r '"\(.speed)"')         # rate of movement (metres/sec)
hdop=$( gpspipe -w |grep -m 1 SKY |jq -r '"\(.hdop)"' ) # Dilution of Precision (meters)
curl -X POST http://$traccar:$port/?id=$id\&lat=$lat\&lon=$lon\&timestamp=$time\&altitude=$alt\&speed=$speed\&hdop=$hdop

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You tried?

Yes it woks, but it‘s not very practical just very basic in it’s function.

Working with tracker from Teltonika now.