TR069 opensource

I want to know what are the available opensource implementations for the TR-069 client (CPE) working on OpenWRT and which is the complete and compliant with the TR-069 standard?
Specifying the Pros and Cons of each one

Is it supported device? Nothing returned from TOH.

yes it is a supported device, a router that already runs OpenWRT

This might be relevant for you TR-069 setup in OpenWrt

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It uses Qualcomm Atheros IPQ40XX and 512MB ram
I want to know which opensource solution that respect my hardware and provide good documentation and include all features of tr069 protocol

if your hw isn't currently supported by openwrt, we can't help you.

if you want it supported, there's

It is a supported device , I'm sure
I want a comparaison between popular opensource implementation

based on what ?

"it's already running openwrt" ?

if you're so sure, post the output of the ssh command ubus call system board ,

If you cannot link to a commit or a ToH entry, then it is not supported. It's not as easy as 'SoC is supported so device is'. Repeatedly dodging that question makes it pretty clear it is probably unsupported and you're just looking at some old vendor fork.

That being said, you do not need OpenWrt for a FOSS TR069 implementation, if they're around you can gain access to it without needing OpenWrt. TR069 is outside the scope of the OpenWrt project, that's typically something for ISPs, not for end users.

I reformulate the question.
I want to implement TR069 client on a supported device that runs Openwrt , i want to know the opensource implementation and their pros and cons.
I already described the hardware.

supported <> runs Openwrt.

post what was requested in TR069 opensource - #9 by frollic

What is the point in insisting on that? It's irrelevant information anyway. From other posts, you apparently know what TR069 is, so why are you being difficult?

There's a list at, but the only active one from there appears to be icwmp.