Tpm support can't be enabled for gnutls package


When I compile gnutls package, I can't enable tpm support. Version information is as following:
gnutls-3.5.19. or gnutls-3.6.7

The compiling error is as following:
cp: cannot stat '/home/zhh/mydev/openwrt-64/build_dir/target-mips64el_mips64r6_64_musl/gnutls-3.6.7/ipkg-install/usr/bin/tpmtool': No such file or directory

The same information is for gnutls-3.5.19.

I have checked the config.log of gnutls, some information is as following:

onfigure:60273: result: no
configure:60278: WARNING:
*** trousers was not found. TPM support will be disabled.

I have also checked configure file in gnutls-3.5.19. It seems that we should add configure option "--with_trousers_lib=lib" to specify the lib. but I have not found any information related to trousers lib, so tpm support can't be enabled for gnutls in openwrt now. Is it right?

Thanks at first.

It is because you need the TSS stack.
In your case it is Trousers but this package is not in the openwrt main stream.
Keep in mind also that Trousers is for TPM 1.2.

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Hi Bsansoni,

Thank you very much.

Could you tell me which branch or stream has this package? I have checked branches in Github. There are three branches: master, openwrt-18.06 and lede-17.01. I will check them one by one.


If it's not on master, then, basically, it doesn't exist.

openwrt-18.06 and lede-17.01 are old "release" branches and receive only occasional patches and typically no "new features".

Got it.
Thank you very much.