TPLINK WR840n v5 ES doesnt save configuration!

Hello so i try to install openwrt. And i finally can do that after a few briks of this router.
Now i have installed Luci. But the problem is that the config dont save.
and i read about this problem , something about not have space. But i check and i have space. At least this what is showme.

is any guide so i can save the settings?

plus i dont have idea how to comeback to original software.

thank you in advance

I will like to add this options SQM/QoS/POEE is this possible?

The TL-WR840Nv5 is a 4/64 device, considering that the kernel weighs around 1.5 MB and your rootfs around 2.5 MB, your whole flash is full - leaving nothing for a persistent overlay. 4 MB flash really aren't enough anymore (having sufficient amounts of RAM is good, but insufficient if the flash size is lacking that much).

Given that you're already out of flash as you are, adding additional functionality will be somewhere between difficult and impossible.

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Build a custom image, without LuCI. Which needs quite some flash.

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Hello! thank you for the reply!
I have no idea how to come back to original software.
But its any way to make room?
Also i have a image that can save config but dont have the options i want.

can you help me and make a image with this options added?

Hello thank you for the reply.
I have no idea how to do that.

For flashing the OEM firmware, please attend to the corresponding device page - TP-Link has been changing their firmware partitioning so much in recent times that I can't comment without knowing the particular device myself.

No, you can't free up space at runtime - only at image build time, but even there the options are severely limited with 4 MB flash (not without sacrificing other parts you may not want to lose, opkg and luci are usually among the first things that have to go).

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thank again for the reply.
Can you help me to create a image so i can TFTP and restore my Router to stock?

The wiki has information about that.

i try that but when i flash my router briks!
so im stuck?
I have a image that work only for unbriks , but no GUI for acces the router config.

That's the nature of it, 4 MB flash is below (the hard-) minimum system requirements stated by OpenWrt. Having source access, you can mitigate that, but it's not easy (anymore) and requires some hard decisions to make about what to strip out.

Is a way to come back to factory firmware? I try the striped method doesn't work or i doing something wrong.

I think i know what is problem. Could you sent /lib/functions/ ? I found this error on another router and i think its problem with new firmware ZyXEL NBG6817 (Armor Z2) recover disk partition - #42 by user090909

P.S ah its topic is dead)