TpLink TL-WA801ND v3 - LEDE 17.01.4 - Vlan Configuration

Hello to all LEDE Community,
I want add some AP to my company Building , and have alot´s off TPlink TL-WA801ND v, becouse with the default firmware, i have some problems with some Wifi performance, and want install LEDE and tray if its more stable.
But i have 2 Vlans , use my firewall whatcguard to manage the dhcp and everthing , and create 2 Vlans One for Guest Wifi and another for Internal acess .
On Tplink firmware, the 2 wifi vlans work without problem, but with LEDE from WebGui, cant acess to switch option , so i do that :
Disable the Lede firewall in "System->Startup"
Create a new bridge interface with a static IP in "Network->Interfaces"
Select the adapter associated with "lan", say eth1
Also select a custom interface and enter eth1. followed by the VLAN tag. For example, the 10 VLAN tag would be eth1.10
Set the static IP to be an address from the same subnet that was selected in watchguard
Set the gateway to be the static IP address selected for the VLAN interface in watchguard
Do not enable DHCP
Create a new wireless instance from "Network->Wireless"
Associate the wireless with the bridge adapter created previously
and when i reboot AP lose conection to ther defaul lan IP ,
can any can help ?


Having the exact same problem with my Meraki MR18 on LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685) / LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d. I have to failsafe the device, then reload the last saved configuration.

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I think I found the solution, which is to say I think I found what I was doing wrong.

When creating the new interface, I was creating a bridge between eth0 and eth0.xx. When I modify that by removing the bridge and having the interface only on eth0.xx, everything works great - including the reboot. I'm not familiar enough with networking ot explain why this would screwup the reboot process, but I think I can understand why it would. Somethign about having eth0 involved with 2+ interfaces, maybe.

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Thanks for the replay mate. Yes that is the problem, I make the same thing, when creating the interface create the bridge ... Noobe ahaha have resolved 1 day after put the question, but have no time to replay where...
Now , have every work about 1 week without problem , have 4 working now , with no problem.
Tplink firmware it's a shame, if have more that 3 devices on WiFi, losses connection, reboot, now with LEDE work like a sharm kkk

Now I have a zabbix server, so have tray install the zabbix conector on that , and create a template to recollect WiFi , analys connection ,usage ...
Replay when finished :wink:

Did you have multiple gateways? It may cause problems with routing. And how many IP addresses did you configure on the AP? You probably only need one IP address to be used for management if the AP isn't going to route any traffic between interfaces. You can configure an interface without an IP address by setting protocol to unmanaged.

Dear SeminolesFan78
I have also a MR18 and I want to create a guess wifi access. Can you help to realize that ?