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I installed the last version of OpenWrt 22.03 on my wireless repeater TP LINK RE200 V4. After trying all the configuration I was able, the speed / latency was unfortunately lower than the OEM firmware version. So finally I decided to roll back to OEM version :

During the firmware upgrade from OpenWRT using the "flash firmware process" ( * LuCI web interface System → Backup / Flash Firmware → “Flash new firmware image”) . It was mentioned that something like the downloaded version was not the same than the device. I thought it was due to the installation of OpenWRT in the memory. I forceed flash of device. Now after reboot, the device is blinking all its LED green , only the wireless LED is blinking RED 1 one times on 2. Its seems to be blocked in a boot process.

Do you think there is a way to recover the firmware or boot from Ethernet port. Or device is totally lost and can be thrown?

I tried to use the "Reset Button" and "WPS button"but it does not operate at all.


Did you follow the back-to-stock instructions for your device?

Unfortunately I am not sure.
From my understanding for my V4 version I had only to flash to an upper FW version using Flash Firmware (which is I think what I did). But I think I had also to prepare the OEM version using "tp-link-safeloader" tools but I did not make it...

it will require the firmware image to contain a later firmware version than the one currently installed. However, if OpenWrt is always $STOCK+1, you cannot simply flash OpenWrt and revert to stock. Doing so would leave you with the OpenWrt-supplied FW version stored in the soft-version partition. Stock will then refuse any FW with a version lower or equal to this; which simply might not exist.

you cannot simply flash OpenWrt and revert to stock. -> Not sure about this sentence.

If you're not sure, the answer must be no... I think you'd know if you had gone through these steps.

Compare OpenWrt's upgrade process -- once you are running OpenWrt, you can usually simply download and install a newer version directly using the OpenWrt sysupgrade functionality. However, the same cannot be done with the 'stock' firmware -- if you attempt to install the stock firmware (without perfroming the required prep work) using OpenWrt's sysupgrade feature, it will brick the unit.

So... this means your unit is currently bricked. You can probably fix it, but that involves opening the case and connecting a serial-to-USB adatper.

:warning: Opening this device will expose high voltages which can potentially cause severe injury or even death. Do not attempt further repair unless you are have the apppropriate knowledge and experience working with live mains-powered elecronics to keep you/others (and your other hardeware) safe from these hazards :warning:

See the full warning here.
Continue at your own risk. Please be careful.

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