TPLINK MR13U - 18.06.1 support?


This is the best battery-powered router i have ever meet. (even when it really lacks from flash size). I want to know if there is a roadmap to make it compatible to 18.01.06, since in the web it seems only supports 17.01.5.

Maybe i must buy the GL.Inet MiFi which lacks of battery cappacity


If you're after battery capacity then you're quite right - only that is better is black version that has more features.
Maybe you should try to get TL-MR22U, it has far more powerful CPU and comes with 8MB flash with one downside - they don't release v2 with more RAM so 32MB you'd be limited to.

TL-MR22U sounds really nice, not sure better than GL.Inet MiFi... :slight_smile:

Anyway... will mr13u get an update?


You can build 18.06 yourself. It is still supported, but images aren't automatically built.

How?... I tried to make an image with the imagebuilder, but there is no profile like MR13U.


I never used imagebuilder, but if you use make menuconfig you'll see the device in the tiny target. probably same is with imagebuilder.

I tried via buildroot, but seems "" cannot be resolved now.

Why are you using Sources are in for a long time.

i were following this guide.

Thats why.

That is an obsolete guide.

Understood, i will try to follow your guide.