Tplink cpe 210 v1 vs cpe 210 v2

hi, I should choose between the two versions, which is the best choice? version 1 or version 2, also are this devices stable?

I don't own any of them, but according to the device page, V1 has two LAN ports while V2 has only 1 (for PoE). On the other hand, V2 has a slightly faster CPU, that also supports newer driver, so I guess it depends on whether you need a LAN port or not.

There are some other differnes such as the manufacturer of the FLA and RAM according to Wikidevi ( and, but they are of the same size.

While you are waiting for more replies from people who have tried any of the devices, you could search the forum. There are some posts about them (not much of them are recent though).

thanks, no i don't need the second lan port, the only think i care is about the radio, and stability, the v1 is Atheros AR9344 , v2 is Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 so not sure the best one for openwrt.

I'm not privy to the differences between both SoCs, but the QCA9533 being a bit newer I'd reckon it has the more stable wireless as well.