Tplink c5 AC 1200 Ver 2.0 flashing error 25533

any work around on the model .This model available in Malaysia.

try using US stock firmware also gave error 25533. maybe tplink locked the firmware to accept for specific region.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated


See if any of these links help:


thank your sir.
i have setup tftp server and transmit data to the router .

i was thinking to replace the tplink stock (malaysia region) with usa region by tftp the usa stock . The firmware transferred, router reboot but not replacing the existing firmware.

Which OpenWrt version are you trying to flash?

TP-Link has had some "unfriendly" practices, so that wouldn't surprise me. If you're trying to flash TP-Link firmware for a different region, the TP-Link support resources are probably your first place to go.

This forum supports OpenWRT and LEDE firmware

thank you sir..

Alhamdulillah. i found out from the stock malaysia fw that special id is 45550000

step 2. grab usa fw 2015 . open with vi and search for word special id. change all to Malaysia Id. save and tftp to c5V2

Step 3. download lede for archer c5V2. Vi the file to change special id to Malaysia Id.
Step 4. tftp lede to c5v2

wait around 1-2minutes c5V2 complete fw upgrade to lede.