Tplink archer mr200 without LTE card

Hi all!
I recently bought a tplink archer mr200 1.0, I think it's Orange or Amena from Spain, I don't know ...
To my surprise when I turned it on, only the power light was blinking.
Couldn't update by TFP

I have bought SOC8 and programmer, I have programmed, changing mac.

After this it was the same ... But I could update with TFTP

  1. With tplink firmware, light blinks the same without doing anything.
  2. with openwrt firmware, so I have been able to install it.

Now I have openwrt working but it cannot enter the LTE router, don't show openwrt.

What should I do?

I've already thought about everything and I can't go on ...

Someone could help me?

Thank you very much in advance

LTE drivers are not included by default, they have to be installed additionally.

You may want to search for something specific to the MR200 I'm not sure if the modem is even QMI. But this is the gist of it.

Generally you could cut to the chase and install luci-proto-qmi, which should bring in all the underlying stuff as dependency.