Tplink archer c7 v5, dead after flashing

guys why are the LEDs on my router flashing in emergency mode? The firmware is relevant for this day.

Sounds like a "soft brick".

What was changed before it happened?

nothing, the problem is installation

Do you mean that you were flashing the router and it failed? Or was it running normally and suddenly stopped?

no, it happens right after installation

So you were flashing the router.
What firmware image did you use? What was installed previously? If it was an OpenVPN version, did you keep settings?

did you install based on the instructions at ?

if it's "dead" try the TFTP recovery.

It was about two weeks ago, no settings as there was standard firmware before. Acted according to standard installation recommendations.

please tell me if you have already fixed the problem with the indicators?

Looking at the thread, you never bothered to follow up or answer all the questions people asked and thus no one could tell what your issue was. As such, no one could fix your issue, either.


I have two routers and two have the same problem with the indicators

Have you checked what the router outputs on the serial-port? Have you tried TFTP? Did you attempt the steps further down the page at ?