TPLINK Archer C7 v2 Wifi card upgrade

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Anyone tired to upgrade the Pci-e Wifi card in the Archer C7 v2 ? Is the 5Ghz performance better with a new Wifi card?

depends on the wifi card, doesn't it ?

It just doesn't make sense, specifically for this device with its slow ath79 SOC, but generally neither in general. APs with mt7621a+mt7915 start around 15 EUR (dap-x1860, covr-x1860, wsm20), mt7622bv+mt7915 starts around 40-70 USD and ipq807x around 60 EUR, filogic 830 around 120 EUR, a single AP capable 802.11ac card costs you at least 40 EUR (most will be more expensive).

Additionally you have to keep a few things in mind, the wireless cards in these routers are not standards compliant, as they're not considered user replaceable. Changing the card has a rather high potential not to work (especially 802.11ax cards need really a lot of power, starting around 3A on 3.3V (which is beyond mini-PCIe specs!) and are running very hot (cooling required)), they will need source (DTS-) changes and you will also run into trouble with the calibration data (the v7-v2 has it on its main flash and will -without appropriate changes- try to apply those to the new card, which needs different calibration (usually on a dedicated flash on the new card), stomping over each other).

tl;dr: it just doesn't make sense, neither financially, nor functionally (it has a high risk of not working AND needing a lot of changes), nor in terms of performance - QCA9558 @720 MHz is not fast enough to keep a 802.11ax card busy (and it already struggles with its original 802.11ac card) - and you can get the first complete, brandnew and supported-, 802.11ax routers around the same price range.


Where do you get them at those prices?


All of the aforementioned devices (and their prices) have been discussed in this forum over the recent months.

The prices on that site are much higher than what slh said.

you know prices fluctuate, right ?

what might have been correct two days ago, could have changed multiple times during the past two 48hrs.

But with very low prices in a TOO short period of time. It's not worth that.

Yeah no good way to upgrade.

That's your decision, but Idealo offers price alerts.

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