Tplink archer c7 luci please help

hello friends i have archer c7 v2
i installed latest lede image but unable to install luci on it because i am newbie.
please provide me latest lede image with luci installed for archer c7 v2.
on this image

i also need these packages installed
so that i can run my athreos wireless usb adaptor on router
please help me

Here is everything you'll need to learn to use LEDE:

Here you'll find the images with LuCI preinstalled (search for Archer C7):

Choose US for devices sold in United States, EU for devices sold in EU countries and IL for devices sold in Israel. If you'll choose to upgrade from LEDE to LEDE, please use sysupgrade image. If you're upgrading from original firmware, please use factory images.

@g_sahota Do you know how to connect to the router using SSH? Under Windows you will need to install The program named Putty to do so.

thanks for help friends

Just to complete my info, you can issue the commands in SSH to install Luci:
opkg update
opkg install luci-ssl