Tplink archer c60 RU version


in new openwrt firmware archer c60 supported but not RU version,
afaik problem only in russian sid 52550000, I tried to add new string in

but it firmware stopped build, just no factory img in build dir, no errors.

Could anybody help me with that?


I'm talking about V3,
this will not build
.support_list =
"{product_name:Archer C60,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:42520000}\r\n"
"{product_name:Archer C60,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:45550000}\r\n"
"{product_name:Archer C60,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:52550000}\r\n"
"{product_name:Archer C60,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:55530000}\r\n",