Tplink archer c60 - OpenWrt 19.07.3

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that my router behaves in a strange way when it comes to updates of openwrt packages or, at least, I find it's way of managing space odd.

In fact, no matter if you tick the "overwrite files from other package" checkbox, the process still eats up free space.

Now, my 8MB flash memory can't afford to update all packets (also, adding up the different modules, they sum up to more of the full OS img, but that's another story I guess).

Any idea of how to manage flash memory?

Thank you very much for the time.


That's normal and expected behaviour.
The "old" packages stay in the flash (it is ROM = Read Only Memory), and the "new" packages eat up additional space in the writable part of the flash.

On space constrained devices, flashing a new release (19.07.4) or building your own image is the prefered way to go.

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