TpLink Archer C6 v2 impossible upload the firmware

Hello everyone!

I'm tryining to upload openwrt on my archer c6 v2 ue with no succes.

From the dashboard I get "invalid type file error"

I've tried olso with tftp but I have two strange problem:

Direct cable I see the router get the file from the server:

Connection received from on port 2532 [16/04 15:12:38.189]
Read request for file <ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin>. Mode octet [16/04 15:12:38.189]
OACK: <timeout=5,blksize=1468,> [16/04 15:12:38.191]
Using local port 58852 [16/04 15:12:38.191]
<ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin>: sent 4036 blks, 5924206 bytes in 0 s. 0 blk resent [16/04 15:12:38.817]

But after this the router restart normally.

With a switch in the middle I don't see the file request on the server, I don't have any more switch to try (it's a netgear gs105Ev2)

Archer c62 v2 Eur firmware:1.3.6 Build 20200902 rel.65590(4555)
Any suggestion?

What openwrt file was used for flashing?

Is there a reason you need to use a switch between the device and the tftp server?

Do you have VLANs configured on your switch? If so, that's likely the problem -- you can reset your switch to defaults and it will probably work.

@frollic I used the file linked here:

@psherman yes, I have no idea why, it's a managed switch so maybe there's something to change, but actually I found a file server that don't goes down when lan desapper, but the problem is that my router reject the file in any case, from dashboard and with file transfer protocol

An unmanaged switch is recommended.

Try temporarily disabling the firewall on your computer.

Refer to the git-commit instructions as well.;a=commit;h=d03aae1a09fce5a5d5747855bc07ee1f54388e03