Tplink Archer C6 V2 EU TFTP Failure Https upgrade file stuck at 40%

Hi all,

I was reflashing my Archer C6 v2 eu version with the stock firmware. I accidentally disconnected the ethernet cable whilst doing the tftp flashing and now the wps light stays on after boot. I attempted to reflash with tftp several times with them all restarting immediatley after the file transfer has completed and with the power and wps light staying on solid. Now when I load a web browser it directs me to and says 'System error. The router cannot startup normally. Please upgrade your router. You can download the firmware file from' When I upload the original firmware it stops at 40% and says 'Firmware upgrade failed'

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

Edit: Also something to note when I plug a ethernet cable connected to my switch into the WAN port and another cable from my computer to any LAN port I receive internet. Also it automatically hand my computer a ip address

Well i don't know if it works for you but flashing openwrt and then flashing stock firmware maybe works

I tried that by using tftp to flash both stock and openwrt firmware but both don't seem to do anythng.

I have the same problem, did you fix the problem?