TPlink Archer C20 V5 OpenWrt install without Luci

Hi All,

Can anyone please help compile image without luci for latest version 22.0.3 for router TPlink Archer C20 V5. I am new in this and need help.

Thanks in advance

Click the triangle next to "Customize installed packages and/or first boot script" and then click the request build option. This will give you a firmware image that does not include LuCI. (you can even pre-install other packages that you might want)

That said (and at the risk of stating the obvious) when you do this, you will not have a web interface for your device. This means you must be comfortable with working on the linux command line and or directly editing the configuration files in a text editor, since you will not have any graphical interface.

Thanks Peter for quick response. It really helped and install is successful.

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