TPLINK AC1750 V4 Serial Resistors/capacitor values


I have bricked my AC1750, TFTP will not work. I want to attempt to revive it through the serial. The issue is that the RX/TX have places for resistors and a capacitor that are empty. They are labeled R24,R27,C101. Does anyone know the values of these components for this board?


I'm not sure which TP-Link you have, but may be helpful in how to use a ~800 Ω resistor to get the serial to behave better. (I have not tried this on a v4 device!)




Very different than the Archer C7 v2 in front of me

If I were to guess, and this is only a guess

  • C101 I would guess is for a "bypass" cap on Vdd
  • R27 looks like a pull-down to ground
  • R24 looks like a series resistor in a signal line

It looks very different from the v2 in my hands, which looks like the v2 image at that link

(The chip resistors are not readable on my device)


Thank you Jeff, i may just have to do some trial and error (and get a usb microscope and hot air, i haven't been down that road yet but i guess now is the time to give it a shot).


Just make a bridge in place of R24.


Make a bridge in R24. I had working many serial similar tp-link router and it work without any issues.
On some model, you need connect a 10kohm 'pull-down' resistor on TX pin to ground for stability.