Tplink 8980 system halted

While updating from luci, it did not turn on again. I connected with serial console. I uploaded it again but it doesn't fix.

Updated what, from luci?

Might want to post the whole console log.

looks like an opkg update

Yeah, hence the question....

I flashed the firmware from luci. from version 20 to 19.04.9. it didn't pop up again. I got this output when I connected with serial. I flashed it again with serial, same output.

You went from 20 to 19? So you downgraded? Did you keep your settings?

yes, I wanted to flash my previous version. I don't remember if I forgot the settings. but as if the electricity was cut off during the installation process, it was bricked and does not turn on. Every version I upload gives this output.

bricked as if the power was off. but the device was not turned off.

Can you post the whole serial log please? Are you able to copy and paste it all here?

I would suggest flashing the 20 version you flashed before to see if it will boot again. But first post the serial log.

Now when I issue the tftpboot command it gives the following error:
8192 KÄ°B W25Q64 at 0:3 is now current device
*** ERROR: 'ethaddr' not set

setenv -f ethaddr ... I tried but it didn't change

Are you following the instructions on the wiki?

Can you please upload the full serial console session? Copy and paste it here.

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normal boot. there is no uboot.

uart cfg 04 mode

(BTW, official OpenWrt didn't have a version 20.)

See your screenshot that says "U-Boot":

I installed a temporary u-boot. By connecting the r225 pin to gnd. normal emergency only writes cfg 05.

do a printenv in uboot, right after a reboot.

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Can you do

setenv ethaddr 52:3b:20:9c:11:51

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i did. same again.

already set, so it shouldn't be an issue ...

setenv ethaddr 00:E0:92:00:01:40 output: cant overwrite 'ethaddr'

setenv -f ethaddr 00:E0:92:00:01:40 it doesn't give output

printenv output:

-f=ethaddr 00:E0:92:00:01:40