TPlink 841N - Help to edit /etc/config/wireless

Hey guys. Good night.
Need help.
I need to edit the file /etc/config/wireless, to enable HT40+ and reach 300mpbs on my WIFI connection.
Could someone help me and explain how I do it?

Thank you.!


Stuck at 130Mbps? Get 300Mbps

This violates regulatory requirements

Edit the file /etc/config/wireless

  1. Below config 'wifi-device' 'radio0' add
    option 'noscan' '1'

  2. option 'htmode' should be set either to HT40+ or HT40-(HT40+ wont work with Channel 11)
    option 'htmode' 'HT40+'

  3. Restart wireless

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There is a "Force 40MHz mode" on the GUI interface, you do not need to edit the file manually.

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I already put HT40 in the Wireless settings, but the devices cannot connect above 72mbps!
Before when I was with DDWRT, ALL devices were connected at 150mbps!

Try wifi down then wifi up command and then check the log with logread command.
Maybe you'll find any clue what's happening.

P.D: Obviously do the check via wired not via wifi.

I just need to edit the file / etc / config / wireless, and put the option "HT40 +" that's all I need.

I just need someone to help me edit this path. I already accessed it via Putty but then I know how to proceed in editing the file.

I recommend you to make a backup before changing anything.
Then check your config file, maybe the option is already enabled:

cat /etc/config/wireless

If not, use any editor vi/nano (vi is included by default) and edit the file:

vi /etc/config/wireless

Modify whatever you like.

A quick 'howto' link for vi editor

Good luck!!!

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It's on the Advanced Settings tab when you edit a wifi interface.

Performance may actually decrease vs HT20 if there are strong neighboring signals in the second 20 MHz. Do tests of actual thruput before concluding it's a good idea.


The internet provider offers me 120MB.

With HT20 or HT40, the Wifi connection does not exceed 72Mbps (3.5MB / s) of Download (Torrent, Netflix, etc ...)

With HT40 + I can already reach 300Mbps (from 8 to 10MB / s) in my applications that I mentioned above.

The WR841N is never going to be fast enough to fully use a 120 Mb service. Besides the slow CPU, its Ethernet ports only operate at 100 Mb-- which means about 94 Mb usable data after packet overhead.

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I know it. So I use 5GHz from the operator's modem, but only for XBOX ONE.

The Tplink I leave for basic use which is for cell phones, notebook, Netflix, etc

But with the HT40 + I can achieve good speeds.

With DDWRT I always used it like this, for 5 YEARS. But now as I migrated to OpenWRT I would like to activate it, because the difference in connection is clear!