TP-Link WR841N v14.1 vs v14

Can someone that has version 14.1 of this router send me internal photos of the motherboard?
I want to see if there are any differences with V14.

it looks like a lower cost version of v14 as it uses DDR1 sdram (not BGA chip as in v14) the chip is Zentel A3S56D40GTP-50L - easier to replace - if needed (but recomended)

hello sir, i have the same version wr841n v14.1, and my device is now brick, i cant find the exacts file link for v14.1, please help to find link and also give your latest openwrt img plz. my email: plz bro help me

Sorry i don't have the device anymore. You should put back tplink fw via tftp (google how to)

i was find v14.80,, 14.60, 14 but not find 14.1.. ALL those firmware not working. help me sir

v14.0 one should work - at least it did back when I owned the device.
Can't help you further unfortunately

i found this 2 file and working. when i try to flash stock 14.0 firmware this openwrt firmware say this file not for my v14.1 router , force upload will get brick. i tried everything found on internet bro... not solution. if possible help me, cz this openwrt dont have pppoe option

:frowning: and you tested v14?

v14 us, bd, in, br, ae all country are tested....but if my router i not recoverable then why openwrt working? your openwrt 18 build working but after reboot all settings retore deafult ... can u build new one for me?

you need pppoe - right ?
does both recovery and sysupgrade images exhibit the same behavior - not saving settings?
could you test this ?

ok testing now.. but one thing to tell u that ur all version cover 100% of memory, i was try to remove some installed pakeg but noting happend , all gose back to deafult

device bricked

so this is a tplink ofw that worked for me back in the days
I've found also this smaller 18.06 build with pppoe

this flashed but not web access, without web access i cant see what inside😢

Well you need to start using cli/ssh