TP Link WR840N v6 bridge firmware

Hi, I'm looking for help with a small firmware modification.

I been using the TL-WR850N WISP version and using a tplink tool to upload a default configuration but this is now discontinued.

Basically, I need this so when one of my users restart their router it doesn't go back to the factory defaults, I would like that the routers stay with the DHCP disabled, IP so they have easy access for changing their password back, and if possible with a generated name and wifi password, I was using MCI_XXXX (X for the last mac digits) and the PIN on the router for password.

I have been reading that the v6 of this router is not the best, but is the one I can easily buy a big quantity from my providers.

Any recommendations? and ff someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

Are all these part of OpenWrt/Lede somehow?

V2,V3,V5 all have

V6 has limited memory also


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