TP-Link WR810N (UK) v1

I have this router. It doesn't receive updates anymore so I think I will flash it to OpenWrt, but the Wiki page only has information for WR810N (US) v1.0, WR810N (EU) 1.1, and WR810N v2.

I need to know if its supported, can someone tell me?

Is there any test I can do to check by myself if it is safe to flash this router? Perhaps it is rare and noone will answer this topic for a long time, but I would like to know before the Christmas sales.

Okay, I think I will flash this without a reply. If it is bricked I will report on the wiki and also I will have an excuse to buy a new router then!

If the country is not included in the OpenWrt "factory" image header, it will just refuse to flash. So it is safe.

I can confirm from memory the -UK variant is OpenWRT compatible (edit: and I believe I simply flashed fro the original factory webGUI)

I think the -UK is only a subset of the -EU variant from the manufacturer's point of view, probably for the mains plug adaptor style and retail package printing.

(this device is mains-powered and plugs direct onto a wall socket with a regional plug adaptor that clips onto the case, so the v1.0 and v1.1 may even be a AC mains voltage reason)

V2 has no USB