TP-link WR802N V1 single network port is set from LAN port to WAN port under openwrt. Other single network port devices can refer to

First, connect the network cable to set up, at this time it is still the LAN port,

First turn on the wireless master mode, set the password, and save.

At this time, there will be an additional phy0-ap0 device

Next, go to Network, Interface, edit the original LAN, change the device from the original eth0 or something to phy0-ap0, Firewall LAN area
Then create a new WAN interface, select eth0 as the device for the WAN interface, Firewall WAN area

If you need to use ipv6, then create another wan6.
If you need to set up a mesh, open the wireless, edit the master mode, and select 80211r

To be on the safe side, the firewall is set up like this. If it is the main router, it is very unsafe, but now it is a secondary router, so it doesn’t matter.

It should be almost done. Connect the only network port to the router with a network cable. If you need to adjust it, use wireless to connect to the wifi in master mode you just created, and you can continue to modify it.

I tried to use the network port as a WAN port. The wireless speed seemed to be 130M, but the download speed was only 40Mbps. Switching from channel 1 to channel 11 increased the speed to 65Mbps. It seems that this router is really too old.

Even if it is only 40Mbps, it is still more than enough to watch 1080P and play games.

With 4 Mb flash and 32 MB RAM this router is no longer supported by OpenWRT

Yes unfortunately that seems the case

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