Tp link wr741n/nd + lede + sqm?

Hello friends, how are you ? I have been studying openwrt and I have some doubts. I have a TPLINK WR741N / WR741ND v1/v2 with DD-WRT but I want to install OPENWRT (LEDE 17.01.6) because of the SQM function, does my router hardware support the LEDE 17.01.6 + SQM? I have a lot of problems with pinging in online games, I tried to tinker with QoS DD-WRT solved a 60%, when someone download gives several packages of data lost and very high latency. I thank you all.

hardware of TP LINK WR741N/ND
Atheros AR7240 @ 350 MHz
32 mb ram
4 mb flash.

Short answer, no. Not enough flash and ram, and for SQM not enough cpu.

Ok :/. Thanks bro.

I disagree. SQM with 17.x can work well on these for ADSL lines. (If you have faster than about 12/1.5 ISP, you would want something with more CPU). You may need to build without LuCI web interface to make space in flash.

It's also simple to upgrade to a 16MB flash chip, though the 32 RAM still precludes doin much complicated.

Many thanks for the mk24 feedback. I'm starting now on OPENWRT is a great system for routers. I'm using DD-WRT and I configured it the best I could and I'm getting to use it until reasonably well. Having contact with OPENWRT requires study, I will get a router ( xiaomi 3/3g) only to learn how to mess with openwrt because I have no practice, although I have understood about 70% of what you said. Thank you again.

you can try this:

Yes, I talked to the xhaka itself and it recommended the LEDE 17.01.6 customized lite version. I'll test it soon. Thanks for the help, kofec.