TP-Link WR2041N

I have a TP-Link WR2041N router from China with all menus in Chinese which is kind of inconvenient for me as I do not understand a single word of it. Although I am amazed that I can just point my phone camera at the screen and Google Translate will translate it right there. Still, if I could install OpenWRT it would be better.

Because this is a Chinese router it does not appear to be supported (or unsupported).

Searching a bit I believe it has 16/64 memory and I believe this is enough to run OpenWRT.

Opening the case I see it has ESMT M13S5121632A-5TG2A, DDR SDRAM 2.5V 512Mb, 32Mbx16, 200MHz and Qualcom QCA9558-AT4A wireless IC.

The PCB has a four pin header which I assume is serial pseudo-RS232 but I have not connected to it yet.

Maybe this Chinese router has the same architecture and/or is a clone of some other TL model sold outside China?

I have tried to SSH via Ethernet using PuTTy but all I get is the error "connection refused". I cannot find a way to enable this through the http interface.

I guess my first question would be what are the odds that I can successfully install OpenWRT and should I give it a shot.

I am willing to take a small risk of bricking the router but I would rather try it if I can be sure there is always a way to get back to where I started (Chinese firmware and menus) if the installation does not work out.

Or should I forget the whole thing?

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Thanks. It looks like I better leave well enough alone unless anyone very experienced has any interest in guiding and helping me but I guess there would not be enough interest in this particular device.