Tp link wr2041 cn

hello my friends,,,
this is model >>>
I want to buy a special openwrt firmware of this type TL-WR2041N v2.2 CN
Please specify the required price
thank you all


Please don't send duplicate posts. It makes the forum untiday.

I understand that you previously posted about the same topic Tp link wr2041 v2.2 chines where @tmomas suggested a link to 941 download (so maybe there are similar devices or a Chinese rebbranding of the same device but it didn't work), and that it can be disappointing where you don't get the help you are expecting, but sending multiple posts about the same issue in the same day isn't likely to help anybody.

I imagine the issue with the lack of support is due to the fact that the model might not be available to developers. I recall you saying somewhere that you have 60 devices. It could be an idea that you propose donating a device to the development and see if any of the developers could be interested in porting it.

ok i understand you,,,
I'am sorry for duplicated my posts
tahnk you my friends

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