TP-LINK WR1043ND internet problem

Yesterday, I tried to delete some unwanted packages. I deleted "fstools" package in LuCI but the procedure was unsuccesfull. The router didn't respond. So I restarted it but I lost the Internet connection after that. Now, I can log in to router but I can't use internet. I didn't change the configuration.

In a strange way, "opkg update" is working, so the router has internet connection but it can't share it with PCs.

To make matters worse, I noticed a very weird phenomenon:

The host name is (none) instead of OpenWrt, but no other settings were deleted, and

So what's the problem? What should I do now? How can it be done?

Generally speaking, deleting packages that were part of the rom won't free up any space, on the contrary it will occupy more.
Since internet connection is working try to reinstall the packages you removed. If the erratic behaviour continues do a backup of the settings and reset the router to defaults, then configure it from scratch.

Thank you for your assistance.

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