TP-Link WR1043N v5 no browser acces after LEDE install

A few days ago I bought a TP-L WR1043N v5 and as the wireless range was rather weak on the default build I decided to install LEDE. I think I followed all the instructions correctly as there weren't too many. Got into the web interface, firmware upgrade and flashed the file ending with "...factory.bin". The process took some time, but it reached 100% and then the router restarted. When I tried accessing the LEDE web interface at I get connection time out and when I try the old one with I get a continuously loading blue screen (as it looked on the factory firmware) and after some time the password and user name show up in the top left corner, but I cannot do anything. Did I brick it?

Forgot to mention that all the LEDs work and even the wifi shows up now as OpenWRT and I can connect with my phone but I get the same results when trying to access the web interface.

That's what happens when you don't read all the documentation. LuCI was apparently not installed by default with the firmware intended for my router.

The only thing that I'm missing now is the ability to make the router's LEDS turn off at night.

You installed a snapshot image, which does not contain LuCI.
This and more things to know about snapshots:

Once this device gets stable release support, LuCI will be included.

And it seems I did a big mistake again by not reading the instructions. The snapshot for my router seemed to have some kind of bug which was messing up my connection when there was a download surge (I did a speedtest) so I decided to go back to stock firmware by following this tutorial. I think I didn't need to trim the image but I did it anyway and after flashing the power button remains always on, even when I press reset before powering on. Am I really bricked this time or is there something I could do?

Try using this tutorial on the TP-Link forums...

Rename the firmware file wr1043V5_tp_recovery.bin, or just tp_recovery.bin.

Well I didn't think of pressing the WPS button to get TFTFD to transfer the file, that's why it didn't work at first. Also the file name of my recovery had one more letter in it and I was getting "cannot find the file specified" error. Glad to say it's fully functional again. Thanks for the help